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Benefits of CEFF for your company

  • Sales increase of certified products supported by an extensive marketing and PR campaign
  • new communication tool with your customers through a uniform and comprehensible logo
  • quick information on the composition of the consumer product
  • presentation of products on CEFF website and in the media space
  • cooperation on a successful project supported by reputable and recognized partners and experts in the field
  • participation in information, promotional and educational campaigns
  • possibility to use the logo CEFF for own marketing campaigns for FREE


Conditions for using logo CEFF

  • product does not contain preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners and glutamates
  • producer received certificate which states that the product can carry the logo
  • manufacturer concluded a valid contract with CEFF
  • manufacturer provided CEFF exact composition of the product, photo documentation and other required product information
  • manufacturer paid the fee for use of the logo for the period


Visual of the CEFF logo

Logo "CEFF" was created to meet the demands of consumers, professionals and non-participating parties. From a number of logo samples the below logo was clearly chosen for its informative value and positive perception of marketing research respondents

logo certifikovana potravina

Financial terms and conditions

The logo is provided for a yearly fee. The fee covers product contend testing, promotion of CEFF project, certified products and in some case also the manufacturer in the media as well as unlimited possibility to use the logo in connection with certified products for own marketing purposes. 

Part of the contractual relationship is a solemn declaration in which the manufacturer specifies the individual products and gives their detailed product composition. If the food composition does not change, the manufacturer can continue in the relationship and can use the logo for the product for another year after paying the yearly fee.