The project CEFF – “Zero Chemical Additives” was developed gradually and it was created with the cooperation of professionals who emphasize a healthy lifestyle and the importance of healthy style of living. 

We still face the fact that in the area of additives are very conflicting opinions - from the extreme, saying that additives are harmful and dangerous, to the views that additives are only ingredients that have no effect on the human body and are even beneficial to us. We searched for the truth, made some extensive market research and came to the clear conclusion that consumers watch additives in food, but do not understand them. Customers are primarily interested in three additives categories - preservatives, artificial coloring, sweeteners and glutamate, we call this “chemical additives”. The survey clearly showed that consumers would welcome a uniform logo indicating food without controversy additives.

This project is welcome marketing tool for manufactures wanting to highlight their products which do not contain “chemical additives” – (preservatives, artificial coloring, sweeteners and glutamate). The logo CEFF helps them to distinguish from the other manufactures offering cheaper food full of chemical additives.

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