Nowadays we are surrounded by a number of similar products in which differences are difficult to identify. Market research showed that consumers are interested in buying a healthier and higher quality food, but they are unable to distinguish which food meets these criteria. One of the areas, which play a role in purchasing decisions, is the content of additives. Due to the complexity of the problem we do mostly not have an adequate knowledge of how to interpret information from the packaging. The issue is aggravated by the fact that additives can be indicated on the package in two ways, either listed by name or E-code. For example, vitamin C can be seen on the food label one as L-ascorbic acid or as E300. Confused consumers for which is the composition of food important, then use a variety of very doubtful "cards" with lists of dangerous additives, which are however usually without any scientific backing. Just for example - often on these lists occurs between dangerous additives E 330 being a generally harmless Citric Acid.

Reasons to buy food with logo CEFF

  • assurance of the absence of preservatives, artificial coloring, sweeteners and glutamates = Zero Chemical Additives
  • CEFF is not a promotion of one manufacturer or a lobby group, the logo is granted across the board and is offered to all producers who meet the required criteria of food composition
  • reduction of the volume of chemicals accepted in the diet and doing something good for your health and the health of your family
  • support of education and encouragement of discussion on the issue of additives and their usage in food production
  • participation in an incentive to replace controversial additives by other health beneficial or neutral substances

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